Tuesday, 9 February 2010

YACHT Holiday...

I’ve never been much of a Weezer fan myself, that phase passed me by. Whilst the majority of my peers were searching for themselves amongst the pre-pubescent philosophy of pop-punk and early 90s power-pop I was busying myself with Tupac conspiracy theories and a desperate desire to learn every verse of ’21 Seconds’. Sure, half of me wishes I could wrestle the hands of time and adopt the persona of a riff-hungry fifteen year old. Perhaps identifying with a band famous for their sheer enthusiasm, a self-deprecating sense of humour would have left me a little more well-rounded than the little blonde girl bitter that she wasn’t born black. Childhood alienation aside I’ve finally found a rendition of a ‘Blue Album’ classic I feel I can legitimately appreciate. Jona Bechtolts androgynous electro-pop outfit YACHT have produced a cover, although the term ‘interpretation’ seems more apt, of 1994’s ‘Holiday’. Instigated by YACHT's Claire Evans who used to run geekrocklove, "the #2 most-popular Weezer fan site”, it pays homage to the fanatical reception of their early works. The pop duo have completely re-worked the track stripping the riffs from its bones and replacing them with some classic ‘Blow’ style beats paired nicely with Clares Debbie Harry style intonation. This is no cheap deal.

Listen below:


Riff heavy and ready, The original:


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