Friday, 26 February 2010

I Haz Lanvin!!111!!!!!!

You don't need Squeeze to tell you that Cats are cool. Since the dawn of time they've been swaggering about with a look of smug self-righteousness and calm collection whilst us mere mortals have been flapping and flailing, believing in religion and starting wars. YES, Cats are definitely cool. So it seems only fitting that they've surpassed most human beings on the evolutionary scale and donned some of the best couture on offer. If this were dogs we'd be nauseated, calling for their immediate euthanisation:

Cats + Couture = Cool (Just ask Miuccia Prada)

So to further illustrate the inferior nature of the human race, Why oh why has it taken me a good six months to discover United Bamboos 2010 Cat Couture Calendar! Feline Fashion Fantasy!


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