Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Shady Laydeez

As the sun finally blinks a few rays of golden tears and beams a welcoming smile to spring it's finally acceptable to cover the scars of the 'night before' with some stylish eye ware! It's been a long winter and for surviving this far alone we deserve a treat. adopting Ray Mears style survival skills hasn't been easy; hoisting our snoods halfway up our faces to disguise bags, blemishes and more flaky skin than one would see in a whole Head & Shoulders Ad'. But the time is nigh! we can finally put on our over-sized sunnies without fear of looking like a 'Priory Princess' or A-list A-hole. Here's the pick of the pack for SS10.

Keeping it traditional with Ga Ga style Vintage Vercarces.

Above and Below: 'Wanging IT!' Alexander Wang SS10!
Peek-a-BOO! Ga Ga Style novelty vintage shades from Wild Clothing.
Cool For Cats, Lazy Oaf Shades.

Top Shop. Round and Round we go.


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