Friday, 12 March 2010

Charity Case

In these dark economic times, oh who am i kidding, in your early twenties the allure of the thrift store has never seemed greater. The stench of decrepit size 20 t-shirts, dust and cheap air freshener becomes strangely comforting, the gamble of finding a gem increasingly additive.
if you're anything like me the arduous ritual of sifting through the vinyl box often degenerates in to nothing more than a 'flash card' exorcise starring James Last.
It's not often i walk away with a plastic carrier bulging with cut-price Vinyl. With such an eclectic mix spanning generations how can you possible sift the grain from the chaff? Should you judge a record by it's sleeve?

This thrift Shop record roulette has spawned one of he most fascinating music documentaries of the last few years. The project executed by Dublab with assistance from Stones Throw sees four L.A.-based beat-makers, each with their own distinctive style, sent into local thrift shops in search of five used records (apiece) that they'd subsequently use to craft four brand new songs. 5 Dollars, No drum machines, instruments or synths; Make Do and Mend.

The process is documented start to finish although it's the journey itself that's most captivating. Each documents the very personal process of sifting through the vast piles of unloved records as we join them through the highs (Useful Lounge covers of rock classics) and the lows (Streisand after Streisand),

Well, that's all well and good but surely anyone can fashion a Glee Friendly mash-up of 'Memories' and 'Smoke On the Water'. Here these beat masters show they're truly at the top of their game, artfully dissecting each drum beat, riff and vocal to produce a track which perfectly captures the essence of their own personal style.

J. Rocc carves himself a laid back, funk-fueled rap beat from the most bizarre of sources. Poo-Bah Records' Ras G turns in a skittering raga jam that plays with loops and clunky keys whilst Ninjatune producer Daedelus creates an archetypal psychedelic electronic sound scape. Finally 'Nobody' offers a chilled out piano and organ heavy offering, each great in its own unique way. The records are then discussed, pressed and released back in to their natural habitat; The Thrift Store complete with specially designed sleeve. A true inspiring Geeky treat for music fans across the board.


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