Friday, 29 January 2010

Harem Dream or a HIDEOUS Nightmere

In their newest attempt at vigilante social reform 'The Sun' have waged a new war to
bring back Capital punishment for that most heinous of crimes. Piping paedophilia to the post and topping the charts for a second season in a row is the newly adopted Hipster Trend and social menace...THE VINTAGE PATTERNED HAREM PANTS!

Taking dressing downs to a whole new level, the most fashionably forward have held their annual conference and decided looking like MC Hammer shitting in to a colostomy bag fashioned from Boy Georgie's futon throw is where it's at. So in a valiant attempt to pursue a path of justice i bring to you our gallery of shame:

And if you REALLY MUST embrace this trend one may only do so if you style it this cute:


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