Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Here Come The Girls...

So as the last pair of tapered harems are packed away and the pigeon chested Antwerp Adonis’ sent back to whichever agency they strut from we’re greeted by the sound of hundreds of bated breaths exhaling in unison…Couture week begins!

I’m not going to lie; I find the old fashion houses a little loathsome. Maybe our fast paced internet generation are just spoilt but if something’s not cutting edge, well it’s just not going to cut it at all. We’re no longer content with the WOW factor we want the ‘NOW’ factor aswell. So it’s with a little trepidation and reserved excitement I cast my eyes over Lagerfeld’s Chanel Couture Creations. At a glance it’s nice to see Chanel opting for shorter hem-lines…in a culture where anything below the left labia is seen as prudish a little wink towards the rebellious cuts of 60’s, provides a breath of fresh-air without giving a little wank to the rebellious sluts of the 00’s. The candy cane colours make for a nice juxtaposition against the traditional materials used on their iconic tweed suits whilst the delicate bead-work feminises their most dramatic of dresses.

Most surprising of all was the absence of the infamous Chanel staple the ‘Little Black Dress’ coined by CoCo herself. Karl seems to be casting a crafty gaze in to the future with ‘city shorts’ replacing skirts and masses of metallic breaking up pastel drapes. The futures bright…and with not ONE sighting of last seasons ghastly ‘Couture Clogs’…it’s rather fashionable too.

The Iconic Lagerfeld style embodied in Couture (far right)


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